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Our in-depth industry knowledge combined with a great sense of personal responsibility to our owners allows us to manage properties to the highest standards. We possess an unparalleled record for locating qualified tenants, placing them quickly in homes that match their needs, and retaining them as customers.

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Clever Ways to Reduce Kitchen Clutter

I don't know about everyone else, but I have a fairly small kitchen and not a ton of counter or cabinet space and everything always seems to be lined up or crammed into one corner making it looked cluttered and disorganized.  A few years ago we actually had our dishwasher removed to add extra cabinet space, which I know is a big "no-no" in the real estate world, but a place to put pots and pans seemed more important at the time. I found a site with some really clever ways to help get items and gadgets off your counters and up in the air or in storage containers.  I really thought the baskets & caddies on a rod was unique and inventive along with pasta/beans/snacks in mason jars suspended below your cabinets.  I hope at least one of these tips gets your creativity flowing and helps you out with what seems to be a common problem especially with apartment or small home living!…/
By Admin Wolf Kline
A Few Money Saving Tips

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to come up with innovative ways to pinch a few pennies!  After reading several articles and websites online, I’ve come across quite a few tips for cutting back a few dollars here and there…some of them obvious, some of them not-so-obvious…

  1. Switch to CFL light bulbs.
  2. Buy clothing out of season. Shop for bathing suits at the end of Summer or coats at the end of Winter.  Many products are marked down 30-70%.
  3. Keep the temperature in your home at 68 degrees in the Winter and 78 in the Summer. If you have ceiling fans, adjust them to spin in the reverse direction to help distribute hot or cold air.
  4. Buy a “low-flow” shower head.
  5. Switch from “name-brand” to generic cleaning supplies.
  6. Kick the soda habit. A $6.00 case of soda each week = $312.00 year!
  7. Make your own coffee.  A “cup of joe” at a corner café can run $3.00 a cup.  Home brewed coffee costs about $.50 cents a pot (2-4 cups).
  8. Limit eating out to once a week.
  9. Consider carpooling if you have a lengthy commute to work.
  10. We all love TV, but premium cable can cost a hundred dollars a month, Netflix costs about $10.00 a month, but the Library is free.
By Admin Wolf Kline

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