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Our in-depth industry knowledge combined with a great sense of personal responsibility to our owners allows us to manage properties to the highest standards. We possess an unparalleled record for locating qualified tenants, placing them quickly in homes that match their needs, and retaining them as customers.

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Yanking the Vacuum Cord to Unplug it – Repeatedly tugging the cord from the outlet instead of bending down and pulling it out can possibly cause several issues.  The cord could split, a wire inside could break or you could even crack the outlet itself.

Flushing Cleaning Wipes – Toilet tissue breaks down quickly, but baby wipes and household cleaning wipes are often made of woven fibers. Even some “flushable” wipes can cause clogs.

Always Washing Clothes in Hot Water –Maintenance-wise this is not necessarily a bad habit, however most of the electricity your washer uses goes towards heating the water. You can save up to 50 cents a load if you use the cold water setting.  At four loads a week, that’s $104 a year!  Cold water will almost always do the trick unless you have oil-splattered clothes or something similar.

Letting Food Drip onto the Bottom of the Oven – Those grease splatters and crumbs could cause your oven to smoke which can lead to funky tasting food, bad odors or a discolored interior.  They could even lead to oven fires.  To be safe and extend the life of your appliance, wipe up spills within a few hours after the oven has cooled and try to clean the interior of your oven 3 times a year.

Overfilling the Refrigerator – A fridge functions best when it’s approximately three-quarters full, so if the shelves are packed full or any food is blocking the vents where the cold air is released, it can lead to poor circulation which causes food to spoil faster.

Not Tightening Your Car’s Gas Cap Until it Clicks – If you forget to click your gas cap lid, most newer cars alert you by illuminating the check-engine light. However, if you’re not sure what the problem is, that could send you straight to the mechanic, paying a hefty bill for a simple repair.

By Admin Wolf Kline
What can Make or Break Your Application?
When you submit an application there are several factors that are taken into consideration before your application is approved or denied.  Most important….BE HONEST….make sure everything you are putting on your application is truthful.  If you do not disclose any felonies or misdemeanors you may have or have had, and then we pull your criminal record and it says otherwise, there is a good chance you will be denied.  Obviously, your credit score is also taken into account.  We may contact you for copies of your most recent paystubs to verify your income if you have a lower credit score.  A lack of rental history is something that is hard for us to overlook because we do often call previous landlords for references.  Without some sort of rental history, it’s hard for us to justify to our owners that you would be a good tenant.  And lastly, the amount of pets you have.  Our owners will typically only accept 1 pet.  Just keep that in mind if you have multiple.  There is a “Notes” section on our applications that you can explain any situations/history you may feel is applicable regarding anything you have put on your application.  We do try to work with as many people as we can, but at the same time, we are also working for the owners of our properties. By Admin Wolf Kline

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