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We all want to feel safe and our valuables to be secure when we leave our home each day.  Here are a few tips to make sure your home is not a prime target for thieves.

Lock Up

As basic as it sounds, many crimes are those of opportunity.  An open window or unlocked side or back door is an easy entrance for a thief.  I can honestly say, I have often times come home, go to the back door to let the dogs outside, and realize the back door was never even locked.  Depending on where you live, you may be in the habit of not thinking something as simple as locking a back or side door is important, but try to start making it a habit each time you come and go from your home.  Consider a deadbolt.  Now-a-days, many homes have deadbolts on the front doors, but if there isn’t one, consider asking your Landlord if one can be installed.  May times it’s at the tenant’s expense, but that’s a small price to pay to protect your valuables.

Put Things Away

Keep lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, gardening supplies stored in a shed, garage or basement. Don’t let laptops, cameras or other electronics sitting out in plain sight on your porch or patio.  If you’re going to use some sort of hide-a-key object, don’t choose one that’s obvious…there are some really unique options available. The more stuff you collect around the outside of your house, the greater the invitation to thieves.  Inside your home, try to find clever hiding places for anything you keep that you feel is irreplaceable (jewelry, money).  Don’t be tempted to use the traditional hiding places…money in the freezer, behind the toilet tank or between the mattresses. 

Look Lived-In

I’m sure you’ve all heard this before, but the more newspapers you have piling up in the front of your home, the more it looks like no one lives there.  The same is true for an unkempt yard or dark rooms.  If you come home from work late or have an unusual schedule, consider putting lights on a timer or leaving a TV or radio playing while you’re away.

By Admin Wolf Kline
Wishing You a HAPPY 4th!!

We, at Wolf & Kline, would like to wish everyone a VERY Happy 4th of July!! Take time to give thanks for our freedom, celebrate with family or friends, cook-out, play outdoor games or hit the road and visit a couple local places we have listed below that are offering special 4th of July events or visit lancasterpa.com for even more suggestions throughout the entire week.

The Amazing Maze Maize – Re-opens at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm (www.cherrycrestfarm.com), just outside of Strasburg. Conquer the interactive 5-acre corn maze, enjoy 50-farm activities for all ages, visit the animal center & more.

4th of July in Lititz – Lititz Springs Park 197th 4th of July Celebration. Gates open at noon. Some of the entertainment includes games, baby parade and hi-tech fireworks display synchronized with sound.

Old Fashioned 4th of July – Musser Park (135 N. Lime Street, Lancaster) festival for all ages!

All-You-Can-Play Laser Tag – Laserdome in Manehim. Plus get a free $5 game card if you wear red, white and blue! Noon - 10:00 PM.

By Admin Wolf Kline

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