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Beware of Scams!!

While browsing the Internet searching for houses or apartments to rent, make sure to be on the alert for scams.  If it seems too good to be true…it most likely is!  We are constantly battling with our ads for properties being copied and the terms being changed….especially the price being drastically lowered or all utilities being included, etc.  Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything we can do, except stress to potential tenants to be careful.  Ask questions or even ask for photos to see if they match up.  Many of these “scammers” will use emotional and manipulative stories to try and convince you to give your personal information or send money right away….”I’m handicapped and live out of state, so cannot show you the property personally, but if you mail me your down payment, I’ll mail you the keys….and many other similar situations.  DO NOT just give out your personal information or hand over money without verifying that the landlord/management company is legit.

By Admin Wolf Kline
A security deposit is a sum of money that a landlord requires a tenant to pay before they move in.  The purpose is to have a financial back-up if a tenant fails to pay rent or damages the property.  Wolf & Kline collects a month’s rent as a security deposit, which is then put into an escrow account until the time comes for the tenant to move out.  When you move into one of our rentals, you will receive a “Move-In Condition Report” which is where you would record anything in the rental you do not want to be held responsible for after you move out (stains on the carpet, torn linoleum, etc.).  Once a tenant decides to move out, their security deposit would be returned to them in check form, written out to the parties on the lease, within 30 days of the move-out date.  As long as there are no major damages (holes in walls, broken windows, appliances missing) other than normal wear and tear, your security deposit will be returned in full. By Admin Wolf Kline

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