Fun Fall Activities in the Area

Mornings are growing a little chillier and the smell of pumpkin spice latte is lingering in the air.  Autumn is here at last!  The Lancaster area is always a fun place to experience fall.  Here are some fun ideas this season for activities in the area!

Nothing says fall like a big, orange pumpkin on your stoop or the crisp bite of a juicy apple. With the abundance of farmland here, there are numerous places that allow you to pick your own pumpkins and apples to decorate, carve, or consume.  Brecknock Orchard is a favorite of mine, and they usually have festivals and activities for families during the different seasons.  Check out their fall schedule here:

If you enjoy the scarier side of Fall, you may want to check out some of the Halloween attractions in the Lancaster area.  Field of Screams, located in Mountville, offers a few different haunted house type attractions. Pennhurst Asylum offers similar attractions as well as ghost tours and paranormal investigations.

Of course, local farmer’s markets are always fun to shop this time of year as well and there are so many to choose from!  Whatever your favorite fall activity is, the Lancaster area has lots to offer its residents!

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