Laundry Room Protocol

Unfortunately, not all of us have the convenience of having access to a washer & dryer directly in our apartments or homes and have to venture to the shared on-site coin-operated laundry room when our dirty laundry starts to get out of control.

Probably one of the most frustrating things about sharing a laundry room with your fellow neighbors is waiting! Everyone has busy schedules these days and you don’t want to hold someone else up because you aren’t prepared with the supplies you need or you forgot coins, so you just leave your clothes sitting on a machine “claiming it” while you run back to your apartment. Don’t just start a load and then leave for the day either with your wet clothes just taking up a machine. Try not to move other people’s items from a machine and just set them somewhere because you’re in a hurry. Give them a fair amount of time to return in hopes they set an alarm to remind themselves when their laundry would be finished.  You don’t want to cause any conflict over someone’s personal belongings. It’s important to be courteous to each other and maximize everyone’s time as much as possible.

Keeping the laundry room clean is also very important.  The more people sharing the space means the more mess and more spills that can occur. Be sure to clean the lint trap after each use and be careful not to overuse detergent or bleach to help keep machines running properly. Avoid throwing away food items in the laundry room trash can because with the warmer temperature from machines running it can attract bugs and pests.

Sharing a laundry facility can certainly be challenging, but try your best to be respectful, polite and helpful to avoid any awkward situations. Don’t be afraid to simply ask someone if they are finished with a machine or if you are having trouble with the mechanics of a machine and be open to helping someone else if they are in need of assistance. It’s important to make every shared space of a community feel welcoming even in the laundry room.

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