Maintenance Checklist

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Please try these solutions prior to placing a repair request to avoid being charged for the service call.

* Make sure you know where the panel box and shut off valves are*


Air Conditioning issue

  • Make sure filter is clean or has been changed recently.

Appliance not working:

  • Make sure appliance is plugged in.
  • Check breaker box- reset breaker by turning it off and back on.
  • For Fridge- Check temperature settings.
  • For Dryer- Make sure lint catcher is clean.

Clogged drain:

  • First try plunging the toilet/sink/tub.
  • For slow or clogged drains, use a drain cleaner such as Liquid Plumber or Drain-o.

Electrical issues:

  • Check the breaker box to make sure all of the breakers are on.
  • Flip the appropriate breaker off and then back on to reset it.
  • Check light switches- some electrical outlets are connected to light switches.
  • Check and change light bulbs if there is an issue with a light fixture.

Garbage Disposal

  • Check the breaker.
  • Try pressing the reset button on the garbage disposal under the sink.

Heat Pump not cooling/heating properly

  • Make sure the filter is clean.
  • In extreme heat and cold, heat pumps may not keep up to temperature. This is normal heat pump functionality.

Issues with pests? (ants, mice etc)

  • Tenant is responsible for pest control in their individual unit.
  • Spray for the pest or call an exterminator.
  • Contact us if you believe you have an issue with bed bugs.

Power outage:

  • Contact your Electric supplier to check for any reported power outages.

Smoke detectors beeping

  • Put new batteries in the detectors. If the issue continues, contact the office immediately.

White spots on dishes out of dishwasher

  • This most likely is due to hard water. The best solution for this is to use a detergent with citrus or use citric acid in addition to your detergent.
  • If the property has a water softener, make sure it is filled with salt.

Windows letting air in

  • Make sure window is closed correctly and locked.

According to the lease agreement-

  • Tenant is responsible to pay the cost to repair any damage they or their guests cause.
  • If the tenant makes a maintenance call and no repair is needed upon arrival of service technician, the tenant is responsible to pay for the invoice.
For Example:
  • The toilet or drain is clogged
  • Breaker is tripped (and there is no other issue)
  • Light fixture issue is due to a bad bulb
  • Batteries needed replaced in a beeping smoke detector
  • Controls needed to be adjusted in a refrigerator
  • Electrical outlets that are controlled by a light switch are non-functioning due to the light switch being switched off
  • Heat pump is constantly running and it is merely due to extreme weather temperatures (extreme winter/ summer)
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