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Answers to your common questions

  • Do I really need a Property Management Service?

    Ask yourself:
    • Do you have the time required for the learning curves, marketing, tenant retention, etc.?
    • Are you comfortable being on-call 24/7 to respond to maintenance problems, collections, or conduct property inspections?
    • Are you familiar with the legal side of property management? (Property codes, housing regulations, fair housing laws, etc.)
    • Do you understand all the ongoing tasks associated with managing a rental property?
    • Is it cost-effective for you to do all of this?
    If you have answered NO to any of these questions, it would be worth your time to consult with us and receive your free quote.
  • How are repairs handled?

    The vendor of your choice can handle repairs. We are happy to use your personal preferred vendors or one of our trusted, pre-approved vendors. We can also call you for vendor approval on each individual maintenance issue.
  • How do you market the property?

    When a new property is posted online, we often receive immediate interest. We have a very strong online presence and utilize the following sites:
    • Wolfkline.com
    • Craigslist
    • Zillow
    • Trulia
    • HotPads
    • Apartment Finder
    • Apartment Guide
    • Apartment Magz
    • Facebook
    • Twitter

    We also advertise in local newspapers, place signage at the property, and distribute rental lists at our office.
    We do whatever is needed to reach prospective tenants with your property information!

  • In what areas do you manage properties?

    We manage properties in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties - primarily north of Lancaster City and Southern Lebanon County.
  • Should I select a tenant placement service only or full property management services?

    We strive to find quality tenants for every property we represent regardless of whether or not it is strictly a placement, or a managed property. Our tenant standards and qualifications are the same either way.

    If you neighbor your property and enjoy responding to and performing maintenance tasks, but are concerned with fair housing rules, are unable to conduct proper screening and background checks, or are concerned about locating responsible renters, then our tenant placement services are an ideal fit for you. We screen and place quality tenants in your property, but once they have moved into the unit, you manage the relationship moving forward.

    Our full property management services make sense for owners who view their properties solely as investments or who would rather not be involved in tenant issues. If you are seeking a hands-off monetary return on your property and responding to frequent maintenance calls or lockouts, conducting routine inspections, or placing delinquency calls sounds like a headache and burden to you, then hire us!

  • What happens if the resident leaves before the end of the lease?

    If a tenant vacates before the end of a one-year lease, they forfeit their security deposit and are responsible for paying rent and utilities until the end of the lease or until the property is re-rented. Your property is immediately advertised to attempt a rapid re-rental. You never pay a second placement fee if a tenant breaks their 1-year lease.
  • What is the pet policy for the properties?

    This is your property and you have the freedom to determine the pet policy. Our tenant pre-selection process predicts highly qualified, responsible renters. Many of our owners have enough trust and faith in our process that they decide to allow pets. If pets are allowed, an additional security deposit and monthly pet rent are collected.
  • What types of properties do you manage?

    We manage a multitude of property types including:

    • Single Family homes
    • Duplex/Semi-detached homes
    • Townhouses
    • Single Apartments
    • Apartment Complexes
  • Why should I opt for e-statements?

    Digital Statements are attached to an email and delivered directly to your inbox. Funds are electronically deposited into your checking or savings account. This reduces paper statements and checks getting lost or stolen in the mail and also cuts down on paper waste.
  • Will I still receive my paper statement once I sign up for e-statements?

    Once you sign up for e-statements, you will no longer receive a paper statement, invoices, or checks in the mail. Your statement will be emailed to you and funds will be direct-deposited into the bank account you set up with our office.
  • Would you simply draw up a lease for my property?

    We do not offer lease-only services. We commission highly knowledgeable real estate attorneys to craft and periodically review our lease terms. We believe our proprietary agreements are central to our success because they strongly protect the interests of both our owners and tenants. Our lease agreements are one of the main benefits to our both our tenant placement and full property management services. Protecting your investment is well worth the investment in us!
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