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System - Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Are you expecting a new addition in 2019 or are you searching for a new apartment/home because you've outgrown your current space from a new baby or growing toddler? Toddlers seem to get into everything, so searching for a new place that already has some built-in safety features may make your life a little easier.

Maybe try looking for a place that sits back off a main road. Not only for safety reasons of speeding traffic, but after you've spent hours trying to get your little one down for a nap, you certainly don't want noisy traffic to be the reason he or she suddenly wakes up.

Kitchens are always filled with enticing items for babies...shiny appliances, shiny cabinet knobs and more. Try looking for a more updated range where the knobs are not located on the front, but rather above and behind the burners. Stove knobs are one of the most dangerous things in a kitchen for a toddler. You can always purchase stove knob covers to prevent your child from turning the knob, but if you can find a more modern stove, it's one less thing you have to worry about.

Fireplaces, balconies & sets of stairs are also something to keep in mind. Fireplaces are lovely, but you want to make sure they are fully baby-proofed unless you are open to covering the expense to accomplish that. It's always nice to have your windows and doors open to enjoy summer breezes, but you'll need to make sure you have plenty of baby gates on hand to prevent your little ones from making it onto balconies or decks when you're not looking. And of course baby gates for stairs....if you're looking at apartments, maybe consider a 1st floor to help reduce the amount of baby gates you will need along with the extra storage space to store them all.

Something else to consider investing in is cordless blinds. Many apartments and homes come with blinds, but cordless ones are hard to come by, and the long cords can certainly be a danger to small children. It would certainly ease your mind from constantly checking to make sure the cords haven't fallen down to where your little one can reach.

The chances of finding a home or apartment that has all the safety features you are looking for is slim, but there is always plenty of baby-proofing hacks to consider out there, especially online, and equipment/tools that you can buy.

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