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Do You Have a First Aid Kit at Home?

System - Friday, December 6, 2019

Do You Have a First Aid Kit at Home?

Everyday life can be filled with scrapes & bruises especially if your life involves children and even pets. It’s a great idea to have a basic first aid kit put together and easily accessible for when those small emergencies strike. Below are some ideas of what you could include…

Bandages & Germ Fighters

Lots and lots of bandages and band aids in all kinds of sizes along with adhesive tape and cotton balls or Q-tips for applying ointments. Even some “spray-on” bandages may be a good idea.  I actually have first-hand knowledge that it works well on dogs until you can get them to a vet to be checked. And of course, you’ll need items to defend against germs and bacteria such as Neosporin, Peroxide, saline solution for washing out eyes and even hand sanitizer or soap could be helpful.

Healing Agents

Some basic pain medications and a stomach soother would be a good idea to include, maybe Aspirin or Tylenol, Peptobismol or even Tums….you never know when a guest’s child could get sick. If anyone in your family has a severe allergy or asthma, it might be a good idea to include an extra EpiPen or inhaler in your kit. Other items I would consider would be an anti-itch cream of some sort, something for sunburn (maybe some aloe vera) and an instant cold pack to help soothe a bruise.

General Tools

Tweezers would be a great choice in case of splinters or glass wounds. Small scissors in case you need to cut through gauze or bandages. A thermometer or disposable gloves would be other possibilities. And even a flashlight with extra batteries and a blanket for major emergencies.

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