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System - Sunday, February 4, 2018

Communicating with your landlord or property manager is key to living happily and not compromising your relationship which may lead to you having to pay your landlord extra, losing part of your security deposit or even worse, getting evicted.  Any good landlord will encourage communication and offer several ways for you to get in touch including face-to-face with office staff, online portals, emails, etc. Some examples of secrets not to hide include some the following….if you are considering a roommate to help with expenses…inform your landlord and make sure this person is approved, so the lease can be amended properly. Don’t be afraid to report maintenance issues as soon as you are aware of them.  Many tenants are worried about an extra expense from something they may have caused, but issues like leaky roofs or faucets, appliance malfunctions, backed-up toilets, etc., could quickly lead to much, much worse issues over time.  If you are considering a pet…inform your landlord.  Don’t try to hide it cause most likely a fellow tenant will eventually report you. Whether you struggle with housetraining a puppy or your cat loves to scale the blinds, we recommend owning up to pet damage before vacating. You’ll most likely have to pay for some repairs, but honesty goes a long way.  Trying to get away with things only leads to more problems and may also lead to negative reports to future landlords calling for a rental reference.

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