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Finance Moves to Start Now

System - Wednesday, September 4, 2019

With age comes great responsibility.  Once you leave your twenties and venture into your thirties, finances will begin to play a huge part in your life.  Money is always one of the top stressors and often causes the most friction between couples.  To help prepare yourself for future financial stability some moves you should ideally have achieved by 30 are below….

1.  You should have an emergency fund. Experts generally recommend six months of living expenses put aside in case of an emergency.

2.  You should have mastered automatically having money deposited into your savings account every paycheck.

3.  You should be maxing out your 401K if one is provided for you.

4.  You should have a will prepared….as morbid as it seems, it’s better to be prepared and know where your money is going should anything ever happen.

5.  You should be anticipating and setting small amounts of money aside for large future events…such as purchasing a home, planning for a wedding or even a pet.

6.  You should possibly be investing.  Meet with a financial advisor and learn what they could do for you.

7.  You should know how to live within your means, but still be able to enjoy some guilty pleasures.  If you do indulge in a daily expense (specialty coffee, gym membership, etc.)  just make sure you are cutting costs on other items.

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