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System - Monday, July 8, 2019

* A common myth you hear is that angling furniture makes a room look smaller….that’s not true. Don’t be afraid to turn a sofa or large chair on an angle to create a nook for storage by stacking crates, bins or baskets in it. 

 * Families with 2nd floor bedrooms often leave shoes, clothes and other items on the stairs to eventually take up with them. Consider getting everyone their own little bin to collect items in throughout the week.  It’s much easier to carry everything up at one time then, especially when unexpected guests show up.

* Skirt your mess or put it behind a curtain. If the space under your bathroom sink is open and cluttered wrapping it with a pretty fabric is an easy fix to cover it all up. If you have an unused nook somewhere in your home, hang a curtain with a simple tension rod and it instantly becomes a closet. 

* Use every inch! Store bins under your bed or on tops of cabinets with things you don’t use every day. Buy furniture that can do double duty. Such as, using a trunk as a coffee table…you can pack it with stuff you only use seasonally. That will clear up your closets for items you actually need to get to every day. Use the backs of closet doors….hang canvas totes to store kids toys…legos/blocks, trains or trucks, dolls or stuffed animals….the list goes on and on.

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