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Why Renter's Insurance is Important!

System - Thursday, May 10, 2018

As all of our tenants know, Wolf & Kline does require renter’s insurance.  However, we do often hear comments from potential tenants, “Why do I need insurance, my things aren’t worth that much?” or “I can’t afford to pay that on top of everything else.”  Believe it or not, renter’s insurance is very affordable and items in your home can add up very quickly….go room-to-room in your rental and consider the price for each and every item in there.  All it takes is one accident to cause damage to yourself or to a neighbor’s unit (kitchen fire, bathtub overflowing, etc.).  Renter’s insurance can cover not only damage in your own living space, but damage caused to neighbor’s living spaces.  Without renter’s insurance, your financial future could be at risk.  For even more information regarding renter’s insurance myths, costs, benefits, etc., check out the link below.

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