Setting Up Your Home Office

There are more of our residents working from home these days and we want to help you feel more comfortable with this experience. Some are temporary work from home professionals, others will be a more permanent situation. Most people who have worked from home in the past can tell you that it is more beneficial and efficient to have a proper workstation with a desk and chair set up instead of working from the living room sofa or bed. What does it take to set up a comfortable, efficient home office? Today we are offering tips on setting yourself up for success and helping you create a space that will allow for more productivity and focus on your work while at home.

Choose an area of your rental home that allows for some quiet time, whether it be an extra bedroom or even the basement if you have the extra space where you can close a door for some privacy during Zoom meetings or business calls.  What if you are limited with space? Use your creativity! While sitting at your kitchen breakfast bar or dining room table may work temporarily this may not be the best option in the long run as you will need to clear it at each mealtime. We suggest simply carving out a corner of your living room or dining room as your own business space!  You could even use an empty closet if you have it or even carve out an area under a staircase if it is available.  A sunny spot with a window is always refreshing and helps keep your focus, encourage creativity, and even helps boost your mood! When lacking privacy in a shared space look for privacy dividers to separate you home office from your living area.

Once you have found the right place in your apartment home be sure it is clear of clutter.  Everyone works better in a clean space clear of any distractions. Set up a desk with chair to allow for proper posture for your comfort and focus on keeping the items in your space dedicated specifically to work. Items could be writing tools, paper, and your laptop or other electronic devices that pertain to your profession. Keep cords out of the way by clipping them behind your desk. Once you have a comfortable set up add one or two decorative items to bring you joy such as a plant or a framed photo of something you love! That’s it! You are all set!

We hope these tips have given you some ideas that you can run with and be set up for success in your rental home! Here at Wolf and Kline Property Management we are always looking for ways to help our residents and property owners. 

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