Tips to Build a Better Relationship with Your Landlord

Just thought we would throw out some tips on how to be a great tenant and develop a good relationship with your Landlord and neighbors.

  1. Most important READ your lease!  Really, really read it. Your lease is a legally binding contract.
  2. Get your Landlord’s permission for any changes you are thinking of making.  If you want to paint, you’re considering investing in a furry friend, etc.  There are often fees involved with changes like that.
  3. If you have a maintenance issue, especially something that may cause damage, do not delay in calling.  Have as many details and information ready as you can.  And be prepared to wait if it’s not an emergency, but know our maintenance department is doing their best to get to you as quickly as they can.
  4. Be a respectful and courteous neighbor and tenant. Landlords often find themselves mediating between tenants.  Just try to create an environment where everyone can live peacefully.
  5. Keep your home clean.  If you have a pet, pick-up after it.
  6. And of course last, but not least, pay your rent on time.  We realize you do have a grace period before you are charged a late fee, however, your rent is due on the 1st of every month.  You may never pay a late fee if you send your rent in on the 3rd of every month, but if you ever decide to move and re-rent another property, it could affect your reference.

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