Want Your Entire Security Deposit Back?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when moving to receive as much of your security deposit back as possible…

– Leave the property as empty and as clean as possible.  Clean and dust baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, closets….pretty much everything you can. 

– You may think you are doing the landlord or future tenant a favor by leaving some cleaning supplies behind or spare clothes hangers, but often times you could be charged for the owner having to remove them.  It’s best to donate, recycle, or toss any belongings that you don’t plan on taking with you.

– Thoroughly clean your appliances, especially the refrigerator and range. Refrigerator vents should be clear of dust and debris and coils should be vacuumed so they run properly.

– Replace all burned out light bulbs and dead batteries in smoke detectors.

– Make sure to return all keys including door keys, mailbox keys, and garage door openers. 

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