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At Wolf & Kline, we want your home to truly be a place of happiness, peace, and prosperity. We’ve built our solid, 30-year reputation on a very simple principle: the Golden Rule. We’re dedicated to putting people first and treating you how we want to be treated. 

“If you wish to prosper, let your tenants prosper…” 

Use this page to find helpful resources related to renting from us and answers to common questions we hear from our tenants. And if you need more information, we’re always happy to be of service. Just reach out!  

Answers to Tenants’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are my options for paying rent? 

We strive to make paying your rent easy and stress-free. We accept payments in the following ways. (Please note that cash payments are NOT ACCEPTED.) 
Check or money order (either dropped off or mailed to the Wolf & Kline office). For your convenience, there is a 24/7 drop box at the office, located outside our front door on Old Rothsville Road in Lititz. 
Credit/debit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. There is an additional finance charge of 2.99% for this option. 
Online payments. One-time payments can be made online inside the tenant login section. Pay with a checking account or credit/debit card (finance charge applies with credit/debit card). Tenant Portal Login Instructions are available to download here
Automatic payments. Monthly recurring payments may be set up and managed online through the tenant portal or by completing the Auto Pay Form and attaching a voided check. 

How do I add a pet or service animal to an existing lease or application.

All applicants and current tenants who will be residing with an animal will need to fill out a third party pet screening application at http://wolfandklinepropertymgmtinc.petscreening.com in order to add the animal to the lease agreement. The third party agency charges up to $25.00 to process an application for a household pet.

I’m locked out. What should I do? 

If you are locked out during normal business hours (M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm), please call us at 717-859-2010 to verify that we have a spare key that you can pick up at our office. Key must be returned within 24 hours. 

If you are locked out after-hours or cannot pick up a key at our office, a qualified locksmith must be called. Any damage caused while attempting to re-enter the property will be charged to the tenant. 

What should I do when I have an after-hours maintenance issue? 

A non-emergency maintenance request can be submitted 24/7. Just complete and submit the online form or call our office at 717-859-2010 and leave a message with the following info: 
– Name 
– Address 
– Phone number  
– Maintenance request 
Be sure to check for any other maintenance issues before notifying us. 


How do I give my notice to vacate? 

Please refer to your individual lease agreement for the required notice. Most of our lease agreements require sixty days’ written notice. You may use the convenient online Notice to Vacate form, drop off a written notice at our office, or send it by fax/email. If you are writing your own notice, the information required for inclusion is as follows: 
– Name 
– Phone number 
– Property address  
– Date you will be moving out  
– Forwarding address (if you can provide this) 
– Signature 
Once you give notice, you will receive a letter in the mail with additional information regarding the move-out process. 

Who do I call for carpet cleaning? 

We recommend: 
– Nightline Flooring Solutions: (717) 490-3407
– Martin’s Flooring: (717) 445-7799 

Why was my security deposit not returned? 

There are three reasons a security deposit may not be returned (in whole or in part) 
– Damage to the property occurs, and the deposit is used for the cost of repairs 
– Deposit is applied against unpaid rent or utilities 
– If the tenant vacates before the end of the 1-year lease, the deposit will not be returned 

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In short, our residents love us because we make coming home to one of our properties easy and effortless.  
We work with you to find the perfect property 
We offer more ways to pay your rent 
We have quick-response 24/7 on-call maintenance and repair services 
Our lease terms are fair and tenant-friendly 
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Features of a Typical Tenant-Friendly Lease From Wolf & Kline 

– One year lease term 
– Auto-renews on a month-to-month basis after the first year 
– A 60-day written notice to terminate is required to prevent auto-renewing (access Notice to Vacate

Rent Payments 
– Rent is due on the 1st of the month 
– Rent can be paid online 
– A fee of 2.99% will be applied to all rents paid via credit card (Discover, Visa & Mastercard accepted) 
– Late fees will be applied after the 5th of the month—amounts vary 

Renters Insurance Policies 
Per rental lease specifications, we require tenants to have a policy providing at least $10,000 in property insurance and $300,000 or $500,000 liability insurance. 

Security Deposits 
– Returned within 30 days after move-out 
– Repair costs and unpaid rent will be deducted from the security deposit 
– A written itemized list will be provided detailing costs for any repairs 

– Included utilities vary from property to property. In some cases, tenants are responsible for all utilities 
– Electric service and UGI services must be transferred into the tenant’s name 

Pet Policies 
Some of our properties are pet friendly—please see individual property listings for pet policy. Fees and restrictions apply. Owners reserve the right to decline any animal. 

Landlord Entry 
– Landlord may enter the property at reasonable hours to inspect, repair, or show the property 
– 24-hour prior notice is given before entry 
– Notice is not required in an emergency, but we do our best to inform tenants ASAP 

– Key may be retrieved at our office during regular business hours – no charge 
– A service fee will be charged for keys delivered to the tenant during business hours 
– Keys must be returned within 24 hours 
– After hours lock-outs require the tenant to hire a qualified locksmith 
– Tenant is responsible for the cost of locksmith plus cost of any damage incurred during re-entry 
– Proof of identification is required prior to the key being released 
Carpet Care 
– Tenant must have carpets cleaned by a professional company upon vacating the property 
– A paid receipt must be submitted to manager along with property keys upon move-out 
– Without proof of carpet cleaning, the cost to do so will be deducted from the security deposit 

If you don’t understand a clause or term included in your individual rental agreement, please call us at 717-859-2010. We will be happy to explain any questions you have before you sign. We want you to be comfortable in our mutual agreement and, ultimately, happy in your new home! 

Log In to Pay Your Rent Online 

In addition to enrolling in our convenient Rent Auto-Pay service, you can log into our secure Resident Portal to pay your rent online—and more! 

Our Rental Qualifications

We may review the following criteria when considering rental applicants: 

  • Credit history and score (credit score must be 650 or above) 
  • Rental references (if available) 
  • Employment 
  • Proof of income 
  • Criminal record 
  • Photo ID 

We look forward to meeting your needs and providing you with the same reliable and honest service our current tenants have come to expect and appreciate. 

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